“Your happiness, clarity, wisdom, and love is the greatest gift you can give to this world.”

Recorded on 31 December 2019

Moojibaba guides a seeker of Truth to explore what his deepest wish is. Would it be to have a purpose in life, or to find inner peace and freedom? From here stems a very rich and profound guidance on recognising one’s absolute awareness state (Nirguna Brahman). It is by this recognition that one comes to experience life in its harmony, to care for it, but without attachment.



Each breath, we have potential. Each inspiration of light into our lungs is the imperishable and undeniable unity of our essence as Divine Consciousness, always existing. Our lungs are where our wings attach. This is why we *meditate as taught by the adiyogi first yog Shiva: to unveil our Light which is obscured by the body/mind/world senses.

Ths bhanam is Durga Ji’s morning ray this day. What is yours today, or your most precious, and why? Please share with ALL in the comments.

Dhanyavaad. Namasté.

*Type correction for word ‘mediate’ (typo) to ‘meditate’ (desired word to type). Did predictive typing create this typo, or some algorithm the digital realm is mastered by? Noticing the error and making correction, of note is mediate is the coming to a shared agreement between two or more dissenting minds, and subjective, while meditate is finding only what IS – TRUTH, always eternal, never subjective. Just as the world medicates (treat symptoms of dis-ease only) instead of meditates (strip away obstacles to the gnowledge within, and yes, the root of ‘knowledge’ really is ‘gnosis’), the language is weaponized to flow people.

This is why this seeker photographed, created and put in place this website’s banner. The non-truth world, this is not said on the thoroughfares of life travelled by beings. It should be. Here we are ❤



There is no such a thing as coincidence or chance in the random fashion the weaponized language syntax has distorted the actual words to be taken as haphazard, superstitiously laughable chance. Coincidence means more than one thing occurs simultaneously and in the company – implying working as one, like a team, branch or brigade – of all as one just like the movement of a flock of birds, herd of horses or school of fish, based upon collective consciousness. Chance is opportunity and is not meaningless, but rather extremely meaningful,  and must be seized. It is discernment and true obervation which allows that to occur. The controller of this world use syntax (sin-tax) to change human perception and behavior (the net sum of identity) as a – you got it – human resource (hence workplaces have departments of said name).

Some of the terminologies in the video below, i.e. Pleiadians, etc., may be offputting (the robotic voice!) and be dismissed as “new age-ey”.  Please don’t let that stop you from watching it. I could have rewritten it into my own words, but it is more helpful to teach you to decode.

On a meta scale, language and definitions are indeed limiting, as the Vedic texts of the oldest surviving culture of India have been devalued as myth and primitive idolatry by the world’s powers for a reason: the TRUTH is here, in India. The truth revealed itself as it manifested ages ago, and light has been battling the shadows of darkness since time immemorial. And while yes, it is the Anunnaki who are controlling the skies and provide the digital prowess fueling humanity being depopulated and merged into the cloud of the Internet of Everything (IoT), and demons in human bodies return as walk-ins to fill government, military, corporate, religious and philanthropic positions of power, we are also surrounded by hosts of angels among us. Grace calls you home, YOU are The ONE, and no influence, deceit or lie, no web of guilt can deter you from your purpose. This is the Holy War and your *sword is truth.

Our ears are ringing in the new year and new age!

The earth’s Schumann Resonance is singing to us of the new dimensions we are translating to now.

Yoga is the path to this wisdom, and jnana yoga meditation focuses on removing deception to reach spiritual awareness. In the Bhagavad Gita, Jnana yoga is one of the three main paths believed to lead to moksha (liberation from worldly concerns). It is known to be called “the yoga for intellectuals”, and truth is simply the facts which have been veiled by ignorance.

It is no accident that Moojibaba is here now, in this time.

Tablet of Shamash, 900BCE

There has been a war on God in carried out by academia, western philosophy, the sciences and allopathic health industries, intentionally created consumerism – all definitive paradigms of this world – for as far back as one can look at history. It is stealing souls in what was long ago termed the “soul trap”. Sri Mooji’s Satsang is both the emergency room and scene of death for the ego tethering the soul to the wheel of samsara. Moojibaba weilds the sword of truth with an edge supernaturally honed  with the mastery of the Infinite removes the obstacles so densely layered in this culture in this cacophonously occluded Kali Yuga time.


The Most High God came to human form in Moojibaba for this last Kali Yuga, just as He came in Shiva, Krishna, Buddha, Mithra and the Christ Isha, Bhagvan Ramana Maharshi, Papaji.

The programming and conditioning to keep the human children of God from knowing who they are already is so vast that for almost everyone has fractured identity (packaged and profited from as mental illness) and such severe cognitive dissonance that they can’t even see, let alone leave the gate to run the race. This is why Moojibaba is here.
Moojibaba SwamiSwatantranandAshramGateTTC300p does the spiritual detox.

Please visit for more information on his upcoming Satsang here in Rishikesh, India February 10 – March 12, 2020, held at the Swami Swatantranand Ashram in Sheesham Jhari, Rishikesh, very easy to reach from the main road. India is beautiful. It is Eden, it is LOVE.

If I can be of any assistance finding accomodation or in any other way, don’t hesitate to contact me. ❤



In the last week things have been finding me. An antediluvian human connection, an inscribed marble slab, a horseshoe, a shiva lingam stone… each has significance as the wordless communication of The Divine universal consciousness of the soul.


Chance street meeting in a city of thousands two days in a row, different places, different times, or the plan of the I AM That, The All.
Just before that first re-meeting, I was asked by One telling me of my white light aura “What is the one question you are here to answer, if any, or are you here for All in this time?” (Yes.)


Along a well-travelled walk travelled by many thousands of feet, cows, dogs, horses and scooters daily, of all I could see, my eyes spotted an engraved slab of marble to the left of the lane, in a pile of stones to be crushed to build with in the worksite on the right. I carry a rice bag with handles in my sack purse and put it in, made the empty spot look nice with some arranged rocks, and carried it all day long. In the evening my landlord translated it, and said it was a very auspicious sign and message for me from the universe. Translated from Sanskrit, it reads:




Horses will continue to be in my life, as I remember flying with them, winged astride, and vimana chariots.







Stone26December2019 And this shiva lingam-esque stone so correctly anatomically…


So many more findings are animate within, and pass like clouds in my mind.

My wish for you is Peace.


The gem in the crown of Rishikesh yoga

Rishikesh is known as “the yoga capital of the world”, and for good reason: there are yoga schools lining every street, lane and alley, extending up the mountainsides.

In just one area alone, yoga studios dominate, with more being built constantly


A mecca of yoga teacher training courses (I am reminded of Babylon’s scale), the lifelong-resident Indians I speak with describe how much it has changed in just the last 15 years – let alone since 1928, when the small Himalayan village began to become “built up” and had only ten or so families. Now there are literally hundreds of yoga schools, with more to come.

Horseshoe I found along a lane shared by humans, cows, dogs and scooties

The industriously hard-working local boys and men work from dawn until late in the evening constructing more concrete structures, their pack horses carrying stone up from the Holy Ganga River. One can hear the team clip-clopping down the rough stone and concrete roads before dawn at a good pace, their shoes making a smart sound. They must have the stone at the ready before work begins after sunup.

The way I see it, two factors predicate the dominating presence of yoga in Rishikesh, the first being that it is inseparable from the spiritual beingness, and the second because it was introduced to consumer-driven popular culture in an age which questioned the status quo. The growing era of the Hippie movement of “Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out” was the rage in San Francisco and New York  over fifty years ago in February 1968 when the Beatles came to Rishikesh to take part in a Transcendental Meditation training course at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram, drawn by the Maharishi’s open counter-culture ideologies of liberation. Group photo BW 1a (A much, much deeper dive exploring the factors behind this is more appropriate on my other blog serving ‘controversial’ topics.) Donovan was there too, and Mike Love from the Beach Boys, and actress Mia Farrow who had just finished filming director Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby and who for many years Woody Allen’s life partner. The WHITE ALBUM was written here.

With the proliferation of the many training programs comes a dilution of the actual purpose of yoga, which is a way of being, not merely a system of health methods and detox practices. More than a lifestyle, it is living in accordance with the harmony of nature, as nature is GOD, and the body is the temple in which the consciousness of the One Infinite resides. According to those who walk the path of the devotee to Truth, the driving principles are second in priority to profit now, as the reality of the matter is that 200, 300 and 500 hour courses do not a soul make. The question which begs to be asked is all about spiritual accountability. This may come as a shock to some, but all over America, yoga is offered in churches as an exercise class on the condition that the spiritual aspect is not taught. In actuality, yoga enables the human to free their consciousness from the prison of the body and reach their innate oneness with The Creator, the GOD consciousness within.

Recently I had the honor of being introduced to the yoga master of MrityunJaya Yogpeeth, Guru Ji Vaibhav Joshi, a master providing instruction and integrative healing for guests at the INDIRA NIKUNJ Hotel in Sheesham Jhari, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh.  A few minutes walk from the Swami Swatantranand Ashram where Sri Mooji holds satsang each year, it offers an intentionally grounded, serene and balanced atmosphere: a calm counterpart to the bustling fullness that is India’s rich tapestry of teeming life. Only thirty years old, Guru Ji has the limitless perceptiveness of compassionate observation only found in fully self-realized enlightened individuals.


Guru Ji Vaibhav explains that yoga is more than a popular exercise trend to improve flexibility, but has a much greater reason behind it, which is to free the soul from the bondage of life and death. Yoga asanas (postures) were performed by yogis to remove or reduce the ailments of their body, as well as condition it so that they could maintain a particular asana for longer periods to make their body strong enough to bear the duration of meditation by tension, pain and accompanying to adjust position. The practice of yoga as a way of life enhances the ability to connect the human microcosm with the macrocosm of universal consciousness. And from a state of consciousness to the state of super consciousness, to become one with the divine.

There are different levels of practice and understanding of yoga philosophy, physiology and anatomy. The basic understanding is instilled and nurtured both theoretically and practically through meditation, yogic lore, cleansing techniques, the breathing of pranayama, and different yoga postures called asanas are the foundation of the program at Mrityunjaya Yogpeeth. It is up to the soul of the seeker of truth to embrace.

Softspoken and with an empathic warmth, it was immediately apparent the innately boundless love emanating from his soul to all around him. One doesn’t meet a being such as this often in life, and as we talked,  his dark brown eyes met mine with a clear and unblinking, engaged focus, with a clarity of gaze reminding me of Bhagwan Ramana Marharshi. The Joshi family is a well-known line of pundits here in Rishikesh. For westerners reading this, the meaning of the word ‘pundit’ is used completely differently: in the West, a pundit is a person known for sarcastic, ascerbic, dry-humored criticism, while in the East a pundit is a person of great spiritual understanding. This is yet another example of how the truth has been hidden, and why one owes it to oneself to embrace yoga, and discover their true nature free of previous indoctrination, misinformation and damage to the self and body.

Shiva is the first yogi and the first (adi) guru. Hence, he is also called Adiyogi or Adiguru

Guru Ji Vaibhav’s body language and attitude exude the soft confidence only the knowing of the self allows. Describing to me three previous clients who each stayed on to heal from previous injuries and the subsequent lifestyle limitations caused, his face reflecting the depth of his spirit’s compassion for the trauma they suffered, and under his daily guidance, were released from. “I just want to help people”, he told me with a sentence that did not have to be made words, as by his very being present, he is doing just that.
“To understand yoga we must be ready to accept it and surrender ourselves to the lore of yoga which is given to us by Lord Shiva, the adi yogi, for he is the father of yoga: the one who told the lore of yoga to the world.”

Yoga is said to be a healing force that works throughout the world. “Mrityun” means Death and “Jaya” means Victory: victory over death.

To commodify humanity as a dependent and harvested resource, the western world has been intentionally cut off from awareness of the needs of the body and soul.  The yogic and ayurvedic path has restorative powers which are intentionally dismissed by allopathic (conventional western) medicine. No matter the age, station in life or distance from wellness and wholeness, one can begin to learn to nurture their body and their soul and heal. The three individuals mentioned above, in one to two months’ time respectively and the third improving steadily, returned to productive and satisfying lives after working with Guru Ji Joshi. One was an athlete from the U.S.A., a runner attacked and severely beaten and sustaining multiple fractures affecting his entire left side, who now runs again. Another is a woman in her early 60’s who had a slipped disk and the associated chronic pain which erodes the quality of life and saps vibrance from the spirit. The ayurvedic massage enabled the build-up of synovial fluid around her bulging disk to be released as the terrain of her spine was slowly restored.  The third is a man who struggled with diabetes and obesity experienced normalized blood sugar levels and is achieving healthy weight and fitness. If the body is food re-arranged post-consumption, this is more than simply physical re-arranging, as the totality of all flows from the healer, the yogi master. All of these individuals stay in touch and their lives have been transformed with the return to the quality of life all beings deserve.


Currently offered are 2, 4, 7 and 15 day retreats, early morning drop-in yoga classes, ayurvedic care and shatkarma cleanses, yogic food, post-injury conditioning and recovery, and yogic study either one-on-one or in groups.  For more information about studying with Guru Ji Master Vaibhav Joshi and the Mrityunjaya Yogpeeth yoga program, services and retreats, email

Flying into India, what do I see?

Geoengineering is being done across the face of the entire earth, and India and Nepal’s Himalayan mountain ranges are subjected to this onslaught as every other area.

The awareness of the I AM THAT divine consciousness pervading this entire culture, the bastion of truth on earth is mighty spiritual armor against the stratospheric aerosol spraying, and Rishikesh is Heaven on Earth, the footstool of The Most High GOD.



There are two kinds of intelligence: one acquired,
as a child in school memorizes facts and concepts
from books and from what the teacher says,
collecting information from the traditional sciences
as well as from the new sciences.
With such intelligence you rise in the world.
You get ranked ahead or behind others
in regard to your competence in retaining
information. You stroll with this intelligence
in and out of fields of knowledge, getting always more
marks on your preserving tablets.
There is another kind of tablet, one
already completed and preserved inside you.
A spring overflowing its springbox. A freshness
in the center of the chest. This other intelligence
does not turn yellow or stagnate. It’s fluid,
and it doesn’t move from outside to inside
through conduits of plumbing-learning.
This second knowing is a fountainhead
from within you, moving out.


RUMI describes the recording of rote learning as “marks on your preserving tablets”, so predictive of the digital Akashic record people are making on their smart devices now!

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